Forms of Citizens' Participation in Government Programs

  Form of participation in government programs banyak sekali yang bisa kita lakukan sebagai masyarakat. Setiap tahunnya pemerintah memiliki program kerja unggulan yang menjadi acuan dalam menjalankan program pemerintahan. Program-program tersebut merupakan salah satu bentuk penjabaran dalam usaha mencapai tujuan negara.
  Di lansir dalam media Menteri Perencanaan Pembangunan Nasional/ Kepala Bappenas Bambang P.S Brodjonegoro menyatakan bahwa pemerintah memiliki lima prioritas dalam rangka mensejahterakan masyarakat. Kelima prioritas tersebut disampaikan pada Rapat Kinerja Pemerintah ( RKP ) 2019. Beberapa prioritas tersebut antara lain:

Human Development

  Human development is the most important thing in the life of nation and state. One of the government programs in terms of human development is by providing BOS funds (School Operational Assistance), improving teacher quality so that the level and quality of education improves and health services improve.

  As a form of participation in the government program, the community is expected to follow the rules that have been set. For example, for BOS funds, if the community is categorized as capable, it is hoped that they will not participate in asking for the funds. Because there are still many disadvantaged children who need the funds.

Food Security, Energy, Water and Environmental Sustainability

  In addition to human development, food security and environmental sustainability are also priorities of the government. This is because the food factor is an indication of community welfare. To improve food security, the food production itself must be maintained stable.

  The form of community participation in government programs can take the form of contributing to maintaining food stability by increasing food production. If in every region is able to increase food production, food stability can be maintained. This stability is able to keep food prices from changing fluctuatively. The availability of food at a stable price certainly makes people more comfortable.

Creation of Added Value in the Agriculture, Manufacturing and Services Sector

  By increasing added value in the agricultural, manufacturing and service sectors, it will immediately improve the welfare of the people involved. The creation of added value usually occurs in the middle sector in agriculture.

  The middle sector itself means the process of processing agricultural products. This is because the people working in the middle sector are more open to technology so that it makes it easier to create added value itself.

  In the manufacturing sector itself the added value can be very large. The growing development of the industrial world accompanied by the use of domestic raw materials and employment can increase the added value of the manufacturing sector. This form of participation in government programs includes improving the quality of domestic raw materials used in the archipelago manufacturing industry. In addition to increasing human resources who work in this industry as well.

  Resources that are never timeless are human resources. So that human management can influence the welfare of the community. If human resources are able to be managed properly, public welfare can be realized more easily.

  But if human management itself is not good then it will be difficult to realize the welfare of society. In the community itself it needs to be emphasized that the success of government programs also depends on the participation of the community itself. The community is not only a connoisseur of the results of the government's work program but also as an actor in the work program. That way it will create a sense of nationalism in the community.

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