Distribution of Central Government Affairs with Regions in Indonesia

  Division of government affairs  is something that must be done based on the provisions of article 18 paragraph 1 of the Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia in 1945. In article 18 it is stated that the division of governmental functions is divided into two, namely the central government and regional governments. This is to balance the power of the central government with the regions.

Authority of the Central Government of the Republic of Indonesia

  In Law Number 32 of 2004, it has been explained about the rights and obligations of regional governments. The regional government has full authority to carry out regional government affairs except the following:

  1. Monetary
  2. Religion
  3. Justice
  4. Foreign policy
  5. Defense and security

  The five things mentioned above become central government affairs despite their occurrence in the regions. This is because the impact of the policies of the five things will be very large. Both later positive and negative impacts. The division of governmental affairs between the center and the regions is very clearly stated.

Authority / Duties of Provincial Governments

  For the division of regional government affairs itself, it is divided into two, namely the provincial government and the district / city regional government. This is because provincial government affairs are wider than district / city regions. Based on Law Number 32 of 2004, it is explained that regional government affairs are divided into two, namely obligatory affairs and optional affairs.

Mandatory affairs of the provincial government include:

=> Organizing education and allocation of potential human resources
Education is the most important thing in people's lives, nation and state. Good education will bring people to live a better life. The provincial government must provide education facilities and infrastructure at every level of the district / city.

=> Facilitating the development of cooperatives, small and medium enterprises including cross-districts / cities
After education, the second thing that is very important is the welfare of the community. One way to improve the welfare of the community is through cooperatives, small and medium enterprises. Regional governments are expected to be able to facilitate the development of these community businesses.

=> State administration services
Management of state administration is also very much needed by the community. Improving administrative services is very helpful for the local community.

=> Regional development planning and control
Development in the region needs to be controlled so that it can be sustainable with other regional elements. Both social and regional economic elements.

=> Organizing public order
Public order is a compulsory matter that must be done so that life in a society and state can run well

=> Other obligatory matters contained in the law
Affairs of the choice of the provincial government, namely the real affairs that exist and are able to improve the welfare of the community.

Division of Duties of District / City Regional Governments

  Regarding the distribution of district / city regional government affairs consisting of several mandatory functions including:

=> Planning, utilization and supervision of spatial planning
Good regional spatial division can improve local living standards. Therefore the planning and utilization of this spatial plan must be well thought out

=> Provision of health
Health is the most important thing in community life. The provision of a complete and equitable health sector to remote villages will be very useful for the community.

=> Environmental control
Another important thing in living in a society is environmental control. A healthy environment will increase the morale of the local community

=> Land service
Land is a very expensive asset now. The need for land continues to increase every year. But this is not accompanied by the addition of land on this earth. So that a good land service will help the community.

=> Provision of facilities and infrastructure

=> Other obligatory matters contained in the law

  The affairs of the regency / city government must be able to improve the welfare of the community in the district / city area.

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